Creating Food Webs at Sugar Hollow Park

Third Graders at Greendale Elementary recently took a science conservation field trip to Sugar Hollow Park in Bristol, Virginia. Greendale students participated in a number of science stations. Our students learned quite a bit, but while each station was very enlightening, the Food Web station seemed to be a favorite! During this station, students were assigned a different animal, plant, or decomposer. Students then passed yarn around to represent how these different species are interconnected and depend on one another for survival and the continuation of all living organisms—the food web. These ideas became very apparent when each student had to drop his/her part of the yarn to represent what would happen if an animal, plant, or decomposer no longer existed. After discussing ways our students could conserve animals, plants, and decomposers, they left with a better understanding of what part they could play in preserving all life on Earth.