Food Chains and Field Trips

Third grade students at Greendale Elementary have been busy learning about different ecosystems and their food chains during Science. The students demonstrated this mastery by creating their very own food chains from the following ecosystems: Arctic, Rainforest, Desert, Deciduous Forest, Savannah, or Ocean. The colorful food chains demonstrated their knowledge of prey and predators, decomposer, consumers, and producers, and whether or not each animal or plant was an herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore (did you know that some plants in the rainforests are carnivores!). So what do food chains have in common with field trips? Greendale third graders also went to Sugar Hollow Park to participate in the Science Conservation Camp. While at the park, Greendale kids got to show off their knowledge of food chains at one station, which explained the disastrous results of eliminating any part of any food chain. To our delight, some of our students were even able to represent each part of a deciduous forest food chain!