GES Guidance

Guidance Counselor

Lisa Fugate

Greendale Elementary School's Guidance and Counseling Program is designed to promote academic/educational and personal/social development for all students in grades K - 5. The Guidance and Counseling Program emphasizes the importance of having good character and being a responsible and respectful citizen in today’s world.

The program is presented through individual and group counseling, classroom guidance, testing, and the focus on good communication between parents, school, and the community. Washington County elementary counselors have developed a series of topics to be covered in each grade level. As elementary school counselors, our goal is to ensure the academic success, personal/social growth, and career and awareness of every child. Listed below are the areas of focus for grade levels.

Kindergarten-Fifth Grade
Character Development
Respect- Listening Skills and showing respect for others.
Responsibility-Demonstrating responsibility at home and at school, following directions, completing school work and keeping work areas clean.
Fairness-Making good choices, working out conflicts and good listening skills.
Caring-Being helpful and caring about others.
Courage-Doing your best and doing what is right.
Citizenship-Being a good citizen, following rules and laws and helping others.

Other activities offered by the Guidance office

Be A Masterpiece

As part of the Guidance Program at Greendale, teachers will be selecting students monthly for being, “A Masterpiece of Good Character”. We will begin the program in September. Three students can be selected by their homeroom teacher each month. September will begin with Trustworthiness: showing honesty, being reliable, no lying, cheating or stealing; doing what you say you will do, having the courage to do the right thing, building a good reputation, being loyal and standing by your family, friends and country. Each month students who are selected will have their picture placed on the bulletin board at the front of the building. Students will also receive a certificate and a special treat.

Red Ribbon Week

A week of learning and  activities to promote living a drug-free life. Students will be able to participate in a variety of activities.

Career Day

Students will participate in a Career Day where they will learn about different careers which are available and will also learn the importance of learning and getting a good education to help them participate in the world of work . Any parents who would like to participate as speakers are welcome.

Bullying Prevention Week

Students will learn about the importance of being Bully Free. They will learn ways to deal with bullying and will know what to do to help others that are being bullied. Activities and learning experiences will help students learn about these important concepts.


Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling for students is provided on an as needed basis. Parents can also refer children if they feel there is a need.

Small Group Counseling

Small group counseling is also provided and can be on topics such as friendship, social skills, study skills, decision making, anger management, academic improvement and behavior.

Classroom Guidance

Classroom guidance classes are weekly for 40 minutes. Students will be learning about study skills, character education, bullying prevention, career education, teamwork and safety. If there is a special need the classroom teacher feels I need to address, I will be glad to do so.

If you are interested in services offered by the Greendale Guidance and Counseling Program, please contact Mrs. Lisa Fugate at (276)739-3505