GES Physical Education

Rebekah Buchanan

The physical education program at Greendale Elementary is an integral part of the children’s education.  Physical education helps the children develop healthy fitness habits andalso helps teach them how to become independent learners. It teaches them social skills and does this by promoting interaction with other students.

At Greendale Elementary, students in grades Pre K–1 focus on learning and developing gross motor skills. Gross motor skills are performed by students each gym day followed by activities and games that promote body and space awareness. The skills developed in these grades are skills such as: chasing, fleeing, dodging, balancing, and cooperative learning. These grades are also introduced to a variety of games that help develop these skills as well as promote a life-long interest in a healthy lifestyle.

In Grades 2–5 the focus is continued, as well as the introduction to different sports such as: football, volleyball, basketball, 4-square, and soccer. These are introduced to students so they can become familiar with certain sports they may become interested in, as well as, keeping them active in a different, but enjoyable way.  There is a special focus in grades 4–5 on the physical fitness of the students. These students are introduced to the Presidential Physical Fitness Tests and the State Mandated Wellness Standards. The students in grades 4–5 are tested every nine weeks. 

Students also help support the American Heart Association by participating in Hoops for Heart. Throughout this program students learn about the importance of the heart – how it works, how to take care of it, and how exercise affects it. This program encourages students to stay healthy and fit for life!

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