Greendale Elementary Students Tour Town of Abingdon

Greendale Elementary 4th grade students went on a tour of Abingdon to learn about the history of Washington County. Michael Henningson from Corps Values was the tour guide for the day and he played the role of Lord Dunmore the last royal governor of Virginia. 

The first stop was the William King Art Museum. Betsy White the Director of the museum talked to the students about the contributions that Mr. William King made to our town. Then she led the students on a tour of several exhibits. Next students visited Sinking Springs Cemetery. Mr. Charlie Barnett talked to the students about the rich history of our town over the last 200 years.  

The third stop was the Creeper Trail. We learned about all the uses of the trail and even toured the Welcome Center to view the rare photographs of the last steam train on the trail. Next we visited the Barter Theatre and Ms. Erica Ramey led the students through the theatre and told them the history of the building, its furnishings and about the famous actors and actresses that got their start at the theatre.  

The fourth graders then made their way to Town Hall and were met by former mayor, Ed Morgan.  He told the students how important local government was and encouraged them to play an active part in their communities. To top off the day the students made their way to Dairy Queen for lunch!