Riddles, Riddles Everywhere!

5th grade students showing their riddles

Students in Mrs. McCoy’s fifth grade class have been hard at work challenging their other classmates, as well as many of their former teachers, Mrs. Willis and even some visitors to solve their number riddles.  They have used lots of prior knowledge of numbers from third and fourth grade, while adding new information from fifth grade to make their number riddles as challenging as possible.  They’ve included everything from the number of sides on an isosceles triangle to the greatest common factor or least common multiple of numbers!  Here are two students from each core sharing their collective class number riddles.  After coming up with these, students were able to work with a partner to create another number riddle to share. If you solve the three riddles pictured and are interested in solving a few more, you are welcome visit the fifth grade hall at Greendale where you can find another thirty riddles ready to challenge your brain!